Help us move closer to work

I don't know if anyone reads me anymore, but if you do, I could use your help.

OK, folks. Times are tough, you all know this. Adam and I need some help, so that we can closer to work, so that we have more money and time to spend with everyone. We miss you all and being this far away has been the main problem. All the money we could spend on going to events and just seeing our friends is being poured into the gas tank instead.

But wait there's more - there are reward levels, including hugs, trim, dinner parties, and a batch of my famous gluten free Snickerdoodles.

If you can't help financially, and we know some folks can't, then please just pass this on and spread the word. Thank you all for your help, support and friendship at this time.
Enter at Own Risk

Shame Work

I'm going to be doing some really hard work on myself about shame. Normally I would post this to a particular filter, but it occurs to me that many people on my flist may have had to deal with shame, and would be willing to help me, and that many others either can't deal with it or may not be ready to. So if you are willing to be on my Shame Work filter here on LJ, please either comment here or PM me through LJ. All comments here are screened.
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Enter at Own Risk

My book about me

I've decided I will try to keep up with lj again.  Use it as a way for old friends and new to read about me when and if I finally start really talking me up.


So, since I've gone Primal, I've lost probably about 25 lbs.  It's been 32 days without Grains, Gluten, Low Carb and Low Sugar.

I've got more energy, my clothes are all looser and I've had this insane urge to run.  The other day I ran up a flight of stairs at work and I didn't die, nor was I out of breath.  I ran to a performer with clothes and I didn't die, nor was I out of breath and was able to hold a conversation with the performer.

I was even challenging myself to do this thing called the Warrior Dash. it's in April, which I think is a little too soon, but I'm really positive about exercising and running.

So, I've heard snippets of P90X from people, but anyone have real experience with it?  How much does it cost?  And where do I get it if I really want to try it?

Hey... hope everyone's doing well.  Oh and I'm not looking at getting a muscley body, just want to be fit and happy.


1,844 words tonight.

I don't see myself sharing anything of what I've written till I'm finished.   

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The first day of the rest of my life.

November first is a new beginning for me.  A time where I take care of Joe Petty, where I do the things that will help me continue to live.  I don't know why November first was where I got of the pitty pot, except for the fact that it started on a Monday and it was right after I saw where I was headed.

Today marks the beginning of a few things I'm working on.  I am going Primal. is a great  place to see what I'll be doing.  I really need support not derision.  I know I can do this, I have to do it.  I am probably over 350 lbs now, I will know for certain on Friday after my doctor's appointment.  I'm not young, I might look it, but I'm not.  I'm a 45 year old man who weighs too much and wants to live for a long time.

I'm also starting Nanowrimo, taking a stab at historical fiction and writing the story of my SCA persona.  It is called of the Bridges.  I'm on Nanowrimo as jwpetty... friend me and we'll encourage each other.  

I'm headed off to work now, but I'll be home around 8ish to begin writing.

Thanks friends.

Sick of it

I'm sitting here, surrounded by ice cream cartons and candy wrappers and I am stating that I am done with it.  At 9am, I am making the phone call to the doctor I have been saying I'll be calling and I'll be making an appointment.  Starting November 1st, I am telling the world, or at least those of you who still read me, that I am doing the Primal Blueprint for 30 days. 

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I promise to update more and to talk about my journey, I'm tired of being fat and I'm not getting any younger.  I might look it, but hell, I sure don't feel it.